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Product Description

The diatomite filter which using diatomite as a filter aid is designed referring to foreign food and beverage filtration equipment. The machine has a large filtration area, wide turbidity distribution area, and a long flow time. It is effective in rice wine, brewing and liquid beverages with strong adhesion. The filtration clarity can reach 99.8%, and it can even filter out colibacillus if the operation is proper.

Widely used in:various wines, beverages, sugar industry, condiments and other industries.

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Technical Parameters
Model Dimensions(mm) Filter Area(㎡) Filter Plate QTY Valve Diameter Theoretical Flow (On base of alcohol)(t/h) Working Pressure(Mpa) Pump Model
DZWK200 900×300×400 1 15 DN32 1-2 ≤0.3 YL3-25
DZWK250 1100×350×450 2 20 2-3 YL3-25
DZWK330-III 1600×600×850 2.5 15 2-4 YL5-25
DZWK330-II 1700×600×750 3.4 20 3-5 YL5-25
DZWK400-I 1840×680×800 5.1 20 5-8 YL10-25
DZWK400-A 2350×680×800 9.8 38 9-12 YL12-25
DZWK500-B 1950×750×850 8.9 20 8-10 YL10-25
DZWK500-A 2450×750×850 15.9 38 13-15 YL16-25
DZLS-300 550×540×1250 3.4 19 3-5 YL10-25
DZLS-400 920×560×1550 8.9 39 8-10 CHL8-40

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As leading filter press manufacturer and supplier with 16 years histoy, we have build full set of service system, mainly including pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service.

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    After understanding the customer’s requirements for equipment, cost budget and other aspects in detail, we will recommend professional and customized solution for customers.

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    Communicate with customers timely, and continuously improve the product solution in accordance with customer requirements.

  • After-sales Service

    We have mature after-sales service management system, inlcuding product installation, tech training service, spare parts, on-site maintenance, etc.

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