What is the Automatic Drip Tray Filter Press ?

2018-11-30 15:25:06

The automatic drip tray Filter Press, is to install the automatic drip tray device additionally based on the filter press .

During the filtration process of filter press, dripping between the filter plates will happen because of capillary leakage of the filter cloth, which will pollute the environment and increase the moisture content of the cake in the sludge tank below the filter press, then causing a lot of trouble for the operation.

The automatic drip tray is composed of a driving cylinder, a skeleton, a connecting rod, a panel, a leg, a bearing and a matching bearing seat. it is used for collecting leakage of liquid during filtration. While the filtration of filter press , the filtrate flows through the water nozzle to the panel of drip tray, then goes to liquid collecting channel by the inclined panel, and discharges into a designated place. At this moment, the drip tray is closed; when the filtration is finished, there is residual filtrate in the filter chamber when the filter press is released, and the filtrate is also introduced into the liquid collecting channel through the flap. Usually used with the mud bucket.