The Characteristics of Membrane Filter Press

2018-12-14 15:21:47

Membrane filter press is a hot product in filter press industry which is well known for lowest cake moisture. It improved liquid output and saved energy consumption. Today we will introduce the characteristics of membrane filter press.

The most important feature of membrane filter press is its membrane squeezing. The membrane plate has a sandwich design with 2 spaces inside the plate. When the feeding is finished, compressed air or high pressure water can be introduced into the membrane plates by air compressor or centrifugal pump, the air/water can inflate the membrane plate and finally press the cakes between membrane plate and chamber plate, thus more liquid is pressed out, the cake will have lower moisture.

In customers’ site, for example, when filter material is edible oil, membrane squeezing will squeeze out more oil and increase the oil output. While in some other industries, the cakes need to be heated in the dryer, which will bring expensive dryer cost and tremendous power consumption. When membrane filter press lowered the cake moisture, the drying cost will be decreased.

The time for membrane squeezing usually takes 5-10 minutes; it will not influence the entire filter efficiency. So its advantage is short time & good results. More and more customers are inclined to choose membrane filter press.