Working principle and characteristics of Belt sludge Dewatering filter Press

2018-11-30 14:29:29

After precipitation, a large amount of sludge will be produced. Even after being concentrated and digested, the water content is still as high as 96%, and the volume is very large, which makes it difficult to absorb and dispose. It is necessary to dewatering to improve the solid content of the mud cake to reduce the footprint of sludge stowage.

The belt filter press is carried with the sludge layer by the upper and lower two tight straps, passing through a series of regular roller pressing tubes in the shape of S band. The pressure and shear force on the sludge layer is formed by the tension of the filter belt itself. The mud cake with high solid content was obtained by squeezing out the capillary water in the sludge layer, and the sludge dewatering was realized. In the “S” press section, the sludge is clamped in the middle of the next two layers of filter cloth, pressed repeatedly by a number of rollers of different diameters, so that the mud cake is dehydrated again and again, and finally the mud cake is scraped off by a scraper. And the upper and lower mesh belt in the operation of the continuous automatic cleaning.

Characters of belt filter press:

1. Unique overall layout and configuration, sludge concentration and dewatering into a body, ultra-long filter network makes the equipment has a strong sludge filtration capacity.

2. The belt filter press adopts static and dynamic flocculating mixer, the mixture of medicament and sludge is uniform and sufficient, the amount of medicine is saved, and the flocculation effect of sludge is good.

3. The main part of the frame of the belt filter press adopts the advanced thermal spraying treatment in the world today. It has high acid and alkali resistance, anticorrosion ability for more than ten years, pressure roll, guide roll and main transmission roll, and the tension roll support bearing adopts the fully sealed bearing seat. Guaranteed for more than 5 years, roll surface bread wear-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant high-quality rubber.

4. Electronic sensors control automatic deviation adjustment and failure alarm, advanced technology, accurate and sensitive action, no damage to the net band, double protection, increase the service life of the net belt.

5. Main engine accessories (such as water tank, water cover, fender and screw etc.) are made of stainless steel, and the anticorrosion ability is more than 10 years.

6. The belt dehydrator is less affected by sludge load fluctuation, has lower moisture content of sludge, less stable consumption, relatively simple management and control, and does not require high quality of operation personnel.

7. Horizontal structure can be used, the structure is tight, there will be installation site arrangement.