ZJY polymer dosing system

2019-03-22 11:58:34

The device automatically starts feeder machine and the water inlet-electric magnetic valve to dissolve polymer and stops automatically until the solution reaches high liquid level, the mixer runs all the time.

The device is equipped with magnetic valve, liquid level meter, flowmeter, polymer flocculant feeder machine, mixer, polymer flocculant infiltrating device, dosing pump, etc. The flow rate can be adjusted according to the technological needs and has a wide adjustment range.

The pipeline line adopts high strength plastic pipe, neat, regular, smooth, no leakage, good corrosion resistance. Mixer, polymer flocculant feeder device are made of stainless steel , high strength plastic and stainless steel.

Working Principle:

When the polymer liquid reaches low level in the storage tank, water inlet -magnetic valvestartautomatically. The pre-infiltration system begins to add water to the solvent tank. 2min later, the polymer flocculant dosing machine starts working, and the mixer works at the same time. Time can be set through the control cabinet. When the water inlet system, the pre-infiltrating system and dosing system run 45min, stop the pre-infiltrating system and the dosing systemwhile keep water inlet system and the mixer working. When the liquid reaches the high level, the water inlet system stops. After running 2min, stop the feeding system, then stop the mixing system after 11min, and then complete the dispensing process. Mixer, dosing pump’s operating, stop condition can be controled by the control cabinet or remote control.