Brief description of the mechanical program of belt filter press

2019-03-08 15:05:21

The belt filter press is widely used in sludge treatment of waste-water treatment processes in urban sewage treatment plants, pharmaceutical, electroplating, paper making, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, chemical, slaughtering, food, brewing, coal washing and environmental protection projects. It can also be used in industrial production. In the case of solid-liquid separation, it is an ideal equipment for environmental management and resource recovery. Dazhang Filter is here to introduce you to the mechanical program of the belt filter press.

1. Drive control: controlled by step-less speed changer, the speed of transmission filter cloth can be adjusted freely.

2. Tension adjustment: Pull the filter cloth in the way of cylinder extension. The tension of the filter cloth can be adjusted manually by adjusting the pressure regulating valve. The maximum working pressure is 5kg/cm 2 .

3. Slope bias control: By using air pressure power to limit the switch control, the filter cloth is regulated to walk within a certain range.

4. Conditioning agitation: the spiral tablet three-segment six-type cross slow rotation, to achieve sufficient conditioning of the polymer and sludge, and the phenomenon of rubber feathers. (If the equipment is a pipe mixer, there is no function of conditioning and agitation. With a pipe mixer, the entire flocculation process is done in the pipeline, which reduces energy consumption and prolongs flocculation time. To make the sludge flocculate to the best condition.)

5. Falling mud adjustment board: The sludge is in the screening and concentrating machine. Because of the semi-centralization and gravity, there is a deviation from the deviation. The adjustment plate can regulate the sludge to drop the center of the filter cloth, so that the filter cloth is balanced by force. Increase the service life.

6. Filter cloth cleaning device: (high pressure fixed type) Set fixed water pipes in the upper and lower filter cloths, arrange a plurality of fan-shaped nozzles at a fixed distance above the water pipes, pressurize the water supply by the washing pump to form a fan-shaped water knife, and carry out the filter cloth. Spraying action to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter cloth.

7. Sludge cake scraper: The scraper seat is arranged on the upper and lower driving rollers. One scraper is arranged on the seat, and the spring is moderately pulled to the driving roller. The pressed sludge is scraped off by the scraper. The belt filter press starts fast, shuts down quickly, saves costs and is safer. It is an environmentally friendly filtration product with reasonable price and reliable performance. Welcome to consult us, we will be happy to help you!