The Brief Introduction of Automatic Polymer Dosing System

2019-01-05 09:19:32

The Brief Introduction of Automatic Polymer Dosing System

Wastewater treatment / effluent treatment plant is keep growing along with the Chinese government’s environment protection policy. Among these wastewater treatment / effluent treatment plant, most wastewater needs flocculants dosing system or polymer dosing system. This time we will introduce Dazhang automatic polymer dosing system.

Dazhang automatic polymer dosing system works as per following steps: first of all, flocculant / polymer will be sent into the polymer dosing system. Then the agitator will mix the polymer in water and dilute it. When the diluting is finished, it will be stored in chambers. When the floccualnt / polymer is diluted, it is ready to be added into wastewater treatment / effluent treatment.

The polymer dosing system can be customized into PVA, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316L according to customer’s requirement. This whole system is fully automatic controlled by PLC, including automatic powder dehumidification, accuracy control of feeding, automatic inspection of liquid level. Furthermore, the polymer dosing system has good corrosion resistance, and easy operation, easy maintenance.

If you need automatic polymer dosing system, please contact Dazhang to know more details.