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Product Description

Belt filter press, also known as belt filter, is a kind of industrial machine used for solid-liquid separation processes. It is widely used for sludge thickening and dewatering in many industries. It is featured with continuous working, high filtration efficiency, easy operation and maintenance and other advantages.

Main application fields and materials can be processed:

Wastewater Treatment: Municipal sewage, electroplating wastewater, river sludge, oil field sludge, artificial sand wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, papermaking wastewater, iron and steel wastewater, etc.

Chemical Industry: Calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, white carbon black, petrochemical industry, etc.

Mining Industry: Coal, iron ore, copper ore, zinc, cobalt ore, non-ferrous metal recovery, slag, tailings treatment, kaolin, ceramics, etc.

Food Industry: Sugar, beer, wine, oil, etc.

Smelting industry: Electrolytic copper, electrolytic zinc, electrolytic manganese, nickel, vanadium titanium, alumina, etc.

In addition to the mentioned above, filter press can also be used in many other industries for kinds of solid-liquid separation needs. If you have any needs, please feel free to inquiry us for professional solution.

According to different structure, our belt filter press include drum concentrating belt filter press, filter belt type belt filter press, heavy carbon steel belt filter press. We will provide customized solution for you according to your specific needs.

Advantages of Belt Filter Press

In the transition dewatering zone, this machine uses a large diameter circular arc dewatering technology which is specially designed. It can make the filter belt pressure gradually increase and effectively prevent the phenomenon of running mud. Therefore, this machine can greatly improve the treatment of sludge.

It is equipped with a concentration pre-processing equipment, which has a better flocculation effect and reduces operating costs.

Different filter bands can be selected based on various materials, with high precision. According to the different feed concentration, the types of belt filter press to choose from.

With better dewatering effect and high efficiency,it is well received by the market. More projects arond the world, such as Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipine, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabic, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. We also have other types of filter presses for slurry processing.

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Technical Parameters
Model Belt Width(mm) Capacity(m3/h) Inlet Concentration (s.s.1.5~2.5%) Dry Solid(kg/hr) Cake Moisture(%) Power(Kw) S.S.Tray Reference Dimensions(mm) Foundation Dimensions(mm) (kgs) Weight(kgs)
Power of Driving Motor Mixing Power Thickener Power L W H
DNY500 500 3.0-5.2 45-78 63-84.5 0.75 0.37 0.37 YES 2600 1050 2175 2100*836 800
DNY750 700 4.5-7.5 68-113 0.75 0.37 0.37 YES 2600 1300 2175 2100*1086 1000
DNY1000 1000 6.5-10.5 98-158 0.75 0.37 0.37 YES 2600 1550 2270 2100*1336 1210
DNY1250 1250 7.5-12.5 113-188 0.75 0.37 0.37 YES 2600 1800 2270 2100*1586 1450
DNY1500 1500 9.5-16 143-240 0.75 0.55 0.55 YES 2600 2050 2270 2100*1836 1850
DNY1500L 1500 12-20.5 180-308 0.75 0.55 0.55 YES 3190 2300 2510 2100*1866 2200
DNY1750 1750 15-24.5 225-368 0.75 0.55 0.55 NO 3190 2300 2510 2455*2096 2450
DNY2000 2000 18-30 270-450 0.75 0.55 0.55 NO 3190 2550 2510 2455*2346 2850
DNY3000 3000 40-55 360-675 1.5 0.55 0.55 NO 4300 3550 2850 3800*3310 3600
Remark Decided by the nature of wastewater Can be customized We will be supply with drawings

Full Service System

As leading filter press manufacturer and supplier with 16 years histoy, we have build full set of service system, mainly including pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service.

  • Pre-sales Service

    After understanding the customer’s requirements for equipment, cost budget and other aspects in detail, we will recommend professional and customized solution for customers.

  • Sales Service

    Communicate with customers timely, and continuously improve the product solution in accordance with customer requirements.

  • After-sales Service

    We have mature after-sales service management system, inlcuding product installation, tech training service, spare parts, on-site maintenance, etc.

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