Unique Advantages of Automatic Sludge Dewatering Filter Press

2018-11-02 16:12:04

Under the present situation of environmental protection, the requirement of environmental protection equipment in the market is increasing, especially in sewage treatment industry.

Manufacturers develop new sludge dewatering equipments by continuous innovation of technology. Many sewage treatment plants have eliminated the old sludge dewatering equipment because of the poor effect, so they began to use automatic filter press. Let’s explore the unique advantages of fully automatic filter press.

First of all, automatic filter press has high automation level. The whole process has automatic parameter input, control operation, and production line. Different from the ordinary filter press, which needs manual unloading mud cake, constantly cleaning filter cloth, filter plate, etc. automatic filter press completes all steps from sludge feeding, pressing to mud cake unloading, transportation automatically. Sludge treatment cycle can be precisely controlled, sludge treatment efficiency increased by more than 70%.

Automatic filter press only needs one person to monitor, so the labor cost is greatly saved and the cost of sludge treatment is reduced effectively. The average treatment cost of sludge with 80% moisture content per ton is between 5 to 8 dollars, which is very economical and effective.

The automatic filter press simplifies the sludge treatment procedure, reduces the sludge moisture content from about 80% to less than 50%, and after 24~48 hours of natural drying, the moisture content has been reduced to about 20 ~ 30%, which saves a large amount of sludge treatment cost for the enterprise. After drying, the calorific value of sludge can be used as low calorific value fuel.

The treatment cost is low, the amount of sludge conditioning reagent is less, the energy consumption and labor cost are saved, and the comprehensive sludge treatment cost can be reduced by more than 70%.