The Dimension of The Filter filter

2019-01-05 14:11:12

Generally our filter presses are installed indoors, but the interior space is limited, so most customers still require the size of the filter press.

If the interior space is large, we can choose the standard model for the customer. The dimension of the machine refers the foundation drawing issued by the technical department. To be on the safe side, we could send the quotation with the foundation drawing to the customer at the same time, so the customer could check if the dimension can meet their requirements.

If the interior space is small, we need to confirm the following points to the customer:

1. Indoor dimensions.

2. The requirements for the machine, including size and function.

After confirmed the above two points, we can customize the model according to the customer’s requirements by shortening the length of the machine to meet the customer’s needs.

For example, the customer’s indoor space requires the length of the machine is no more than 3 meters, but the customer’s capacity requires a machine with a chamber volume of 1500L, according to our catalog, we could recommend them the 870 and 1000 model, but the length of them has already exceeded 3 meters, so we can choose 1250 or 1500 model for him. By this way the length of the machine will be shortened and could meet the customer’s requirement. But the price of the 1500 model is higher than the 1250 model, so we recommend the 1250 model to our customers to save their cost.

The above is my short introduction. If you still have any questions or confusing, please welcome you to leave a message, we will reply you in time, thank you.