How to clean the filter cloth on plate and frame filter press

2018-11-02 10:20:33

During the operation of plate and frame filter press, in order to avoid clogging the cloth and maintain good dehydration effect, it is necessary to clean the cloth regularly.

There are 2 ways to clean filter cloth: manual and automatic.

If clean the cloth manual ( by hand), there is no need disassemble the cloth from filter plate, usually use high pressure water gun, washed on both sides of the filter cloth piece by piece.

If the materials filtered by filter press are strongly acidic or alkaline, or have high viscosity, the press cloth should be removed from the filter plate, soaked in water for 10-24 hours, then cleaned with brush, rinsed with clean water, and then used after natural drying.

Automatic washing system is composed of front and back moving cleaning frame, up and down moving cleaning rod and high-pressure cleaning pump. The high-pressure water column from nozzle will flush the press cloth on both sides of the filter plate. For materials with high viscosity, brush head can also be used on the nozzle for flushing.

The automatic washing system researched and developed by Dazhang Filter Equipment Co., Ltd,has firm structure, the whole process is controlled by PLC, can wash a dual filter plate filter cloth, cleaning effect is good, and easy to operate, greatly save the manpower cost,is widely welcome by customers.