How to choose the type of plate and frame filter press?

2020-04-10 11:19:08

As a kind of relatively traditional filter press equipment, the plate and frame filter press is widely used in the industrial field, with high performance. Therefore, when selecting the plate and frame filter press equipment, the following aspects should be considered:

(1) When purchasing a plate and frame filter press, firstly consider your purpose, which has requirements for the solid content of the mud cake. Compared with other types of dehydrators, the general plate and frame filter press has the highest solids content in the mud cake. Considering the factor of reducing the land occupation of sludge stacking, the plate and frame filter press should be the choice among many filter presses.

(2) Pay attention to the frame material of the plate and frame filter press when purchasing. In the composition of equipment accessories, the framework is the core foundation!

(3) For industrial-grade chemical applications, corrosion resistance is required, and the filter cloth must have tensile strength, and the material of the filter plate and filter cloth must be exquisite.

(4) For such important mechanical equipment, the movement of the filter plate should be considered.

Basically, it can be completed automatically or semi-automatically by a hydraulic-pneumatic device to reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

(5) Filter cloth oscillating device makes the filter cake of the plate and frame filter press easy to fall off.

At present, the equipment is adapted to the requirements of modern sewage treatment plants, and the system is fully self-transporting. Its filter press, filter plate movement, filter cloth oscillation, compressed air supply, filter cloth washing, feeding and other operations can all be realized through the PLC Remote control, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.