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Product Description

A very important part of the filter press is filter cloth, and whether the filter press works ideally depends largely on the performance of the filter cloth. It is used to achieve solid-liquid separation without clogging and unbroken.

According to different kinds of fiber, filter cloth can be classified two kinds: natural fiber, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp fiber; the other is chemical synthetic fiber, such as polyester, nylon,Polyester fiber and so on.

The cloth is customized according to the design size and shape of the filter plate. The selection of filter cloth is based on different industries, the particle size in slurry, the temperature, the PH of the slurry, etc. The selection of the appropriate filter cloth can ensure an excellent filtering effect.

we have different types and models filter colth for sale according to the characteristics of solid particles in slurry, the liquid character, etc.

Advantages of Filter Cloth

Large pressing force(17-20MPa) can avoid leakage effectively.

Hydraulic station adopts ABB motor, it is steady in operation.

Long service life, wide application. Reduce moisture content to meet standard.

Factory-direct sale, fast delivery and shipping, full service.

Auto closing and auto opening.

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Technical Parameters
Type Filter Area (m2) Plate Size (mm) Cake Thickness (mm) Filter Chamber Voiume (L) Number Plate (pcs) Filtretion Pressure (mpa)
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6
Y4/450-30U 4 1250×1250 30 60 9 0.6

Full Service System

As leading filter press manufacturer and supplier with 16 years histoy, we have build full set of service system, mainly including pre-sales service, sales service and after-sales service.

  • Pre-sales Service

    After understanding the customer’s requirements for equipment, cost budget and other aspects in detail, we will recommend professional and customized solution for customers.

  • Sales Service

    Communicate with customers timely, and continuously improve the product solution in accordance with customer requirements.

  • After-sales Service

    We have mature after-sales service management system, inlcuding product installation, tech training service, spare parts, on-site maintenance, etc.

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