Debugging of Filter press

2019-04-19 14:37:31

The service industry has pre-sales service and after-sales service. Our filter press manufacturers also provide these services. Today I will introduce one of the after-sales service–debugging and commissioning.

Generally, our machine has been tested by our staff and can work well before delivery. However, the customers who don’t understand the filter press will consult us about the debugging. The following is a brief introduction.

1.Domestic debugging:

After purchasing the filter press, domestic customers need to fix the machine according to the foundation drawing, they also need to, connect the pipes, valves and pumps before applying for commissioning. If the machine is the small model, our after-sales engineer will call the customer to guide them how to install and test the machine. If it is a large machine, after the customer applied the after-sale service, our after-sales department will give a reply within 1 day. If the problem cannot be solved, their engineer will arrive at the on site for debugging within 3 days.

First our technicians will check and connect the wires, then they will test the machine without material. If the testing was successful, they will test the machine with feeding material. Until the machine could work well, our technicians could evacuate the site.

2.Foreign debugging:

Our foreign customers can also apply for the on-site debugging. Each of our after-sales technician has passport and has the ability to go abroad. However, the customer also needs to connect all the pipes and valves at first and they need to bear the cost of the air tickets and accommodation. Our staff will go on-site to debug the machine. If the visa application for the destination country does not come down, we can also invite the customer’s engineer to come to our company for training.

Good companies have good teams. Our professional after-sales team will help all the customers to solve all pre-sales and after-sales problems. Welcome to consult and negotiate, thank you.